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How Does Tan Through Swimwear Work?

If there’s ever a question we get asked a lot at Kiniki it’s “how does Tan Through swimwear work”? Depending on how much spare time you have I could go on to explain the ins and outs of the science behind Tan Through swimwear in many blog pages - but I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details. So, here’s the general concept...

mens tan through swimwearOn a basic level our fabric has lots and lots of holes in it, typically up to 200,000 in a regular swimsuit. These apertures are actually square and diamond shaped and not round like you may expect, this is due to the weaving processes we had to develop to ensure the spaces were the right size to allow sunlight through, yet had a retaining mechanism so that the tan thru fabric didn’t stretch beyond a certain diameter when worn.

Holes in the fabric means sunlight passes through. That concept isn’t rocket science we know - but of course with holes comes transparency, which is great for chicken wire - bad for dignity on the beach! 

To counter the transparency we design special prints that in essence confuse the eye and camouflage the skin beneath the fabric. This is why all of our prints appear quite bold and colourful. While we happen to love bright and bold colours in our swimwear anyway this is also a case of form follows function and is an essential part of Tan Through’s design. The print and the fabric work in conjunction with each other so transparency is not an issue when the garment is worn next to the skin. 

This leads me to another important point, Tan Through fabric is designed to be worn against the skin. Those of you who have bought and do wear Tan Through will know when you first pull it out of the packaging it’s initial appearance is quite see through! For us this is actually a great demonstration of just how much light passes though our fabric, but for first time Tan Through wearers it may come as a bit of a shock, and even deter you from wearing it in the first place as it looks see through. Fear not! once you wear it and the fabric is against the skin - the science kicks in and your transparency fears melt away like butter in the sunshine that you’re hopefully sunbathing in!

We have several patents on tan through swimwear and after 7 years of developing multiple evolvements of the fabric, we know a thing or two about how this stuff works, and the prints are pretty essential. With this in mind I would like to draw your attention to any other ‘tan through‘ swimwear you may have seen out on the market. If you see ‘tan through‘ being sold in plain colours or even prints that offer too much blank or plain space in the print - this stuff is NOT tan through swimwear. Trust us you cannot achieve a sun tan through fabric with as many holes in as required and not see straight through it with plain colours. We wish you could!

As I mentioned earlier, tan thru (American spelling) swimwear has to also be worn against the skin to avoid transparency issues - so if you see any baggy shorts on the market - this too is not real - and if it is, you will have everything on show! If the fabric is loose there is light space between the garment and the subject and this is when transparency can occur. A good demonstration of this is in our image below - In this case the model has pulled the Tan Through swimwear fabric completely away from her skin giving a fantastic example of just how much sun light passes through the fabric. You can clearly see where the fabric meets the skin the transparency is not there, as soon as you get to the area off the skin it is totally transparent and an example of the effectiveness of the fabric and just how much light passes through. It's like magic!


how does tan through swimwear work

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