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Mens Socks

One of our first collaborations was with Happy Socks - a fantastic Swedish design team dedicated to the creation of vibrant - life loving socks. Constructed from extra soft combed cotton and woven with precision to create incredible patterns on your socks we believe Happy Socks are some of the very best around. All Happy Socks have a reinforced heel and toe for extra durability and comfort. With a pair of Happy Socks we're confident your sock drawer will never be the same again!

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Fashion Socks In a traditional world of black, grey, and blue dress socks, fashion socks stand out from the crowd displaying a more creative look. Checked, striped, dotted, or any other design you can think of, these socks can be worn in accompaniment with dress shoes, sneakers, or even a tuxedo in formal wear. Fashion socks are also perfectly at home in casual wear, adding a piece of colourful flare to blue jeans and a T-shirt. Fashion socks come in a variety of heights: ankle, mid-calf (most common), and over the calf. Traditional dress socks have a reputation of slipping down the leg, obliging the wearer to pull them up again and again. Some men resorted to garters or sock suspenders, but now this is an issue of the past. Fashion socks with elastics have solved this recurring sock-pull problem.