When Kiniki started almost 40 years ago, things in the fashion and textiles world were different. The textile industry in the UK was thriving and it was simply expected that you would make your product in your own country. At the time we were a startup with very little capital - we had no choice but to make the products ourselves and seek help through resources available locally.

There are several stages to making the perfect pair of pants, including pattern designing, size grading, templates and cutting of the fabric and all of that comes before a garment even sees a sewing machine! These initial stages were completed in house - but the sewing of the garments used to be taken to home workers in the local area, each with their own sewing machine that typically specialised in one process. One seamstress would sew the panels together, the other work would be taken to a different house where another seamstress would apply elastic to the garment and finally another house would apply waist bands and trim excess threads ready to be packed for the discerning customer...phew!

As demand for our mens underwear grew - we had no choice but to take the talent and put it all under one roof, and so the Kiniki factory was established in the late 70's! This system has remained until today, however half way through the lifetime of the factory, cheaper production from China was starting to become easily accessible to brands and manufacturers - and in the early 90's we saw the decline of the British textile industry as companies quickly shut up shop to take production off-shore for cheaper, more competitive, means of production.

It was at this turning point that Kiniki had to take the tough decision to follow the crowd or stick to our guns and pursue the production of mens underwear in the UK. We had the factory, we had all the skills and a great team making fantastic quality garments, why should we need to move to China!? The decision at the time was tough, but it paid off in the long run. Today Kiniki is the largest brand of mens underwear made in England. This is something we are really proud of and continue to invest in further year on year.

The benefits of making underwear in England are endless, most importantly our working conditions are incomparable to some of the unfortunate sweat shop stories we sadly hear about in the news. Keeping the design and production in house also allows us to give the product the time and attention it deserves to create a quality garment fit to wear it's "Made in England" label. Also we have found that we can give the best customer service and product knowledge possible, when you connect with Kiniki you are always in touch with the very team that literally make your underwear. And at the end of the day we deliver the freshest of fresh pairs - direct from our sewing room, straight to your door.

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