A Style to Suit all Men


Today's modern man has so much more choice when it comes to selecting what underwear they are going to wear. Each and every man is likely to have a preference, but if you haven't your ideal underwear type yet then fret not, because here is the Kiniki guide to all things pants!



Boxers are for the man who prefers to hang loose and likes a bit of airflow round his meat and two veg. Offering very little in terms of support, they do, however, offer the ultimate in comfort and are a great choice for lounging around in of a weekend or even as sleepwear. The disadvantage of such loose pants is that the material can often get caught up underneath clothes causing unsightly folds and wrinkles from the outside. Slim fitting, tapered boxers have helped alleviate this problem and are similar to classic boxers, but instead fit closely to the thigh and natural contours of the body. Boxers will generally have an elasticated waist and will either feature an open fly or a fly that can be closed by buttons or fasteners. The loose design offers fantastic comfort and breathability and is perfect for someone who prefers a more classic, gentlemanly look. They can be worn with baggier style trousers or shorts, but avoid if you are wearing skinny jeans or tailored trousers.




Thongs are one of the more risque styles of men's underwear and were once considered a very unconventional garment for men to wear. However, the popularity of the male thong is ever increasing and is considered by many to offer the ultimate in comfort and support. They usually feature an elasticated waistband of varying widths, a pouch and a thin strip of fabric at the back. Kiniki men's thongs are handmade in the Kiniki studio and offer both plain and printed designs along with features, such as contoured front panels and open sides.



Imagine a thong with less fabric and there you have a G-string. This teeny tiny item of underwear offers the absolute minimum coverage, which means you can wave goodbye to VPL. A thin piece of fabric connects the front pouch to the waistband and you can pretty much wear them with anything, so guys who love their skinny jeans...these are the pants for you!




This minimalistic style of underwear is halfway between a thong and a G-string. With less fabric around the legs and thighs it offers the male wearer great flexibility and movement, which make them ideal underwear to wear whilst doing exercise. They also offer the perfect opportunity to go a bit wilder with choice of pattern and colour. We have such a wide selection of men's tangas at Kiniki, the only thing you'll struggle with is knowing which to choose!





Most men own at least one pair of briefs and with good reason as they are a classic failsafe that come in lots of different colours, designs and rises. They offer complete coverage of the important bits without having too much material and they can be worn comfortably under pretty much anything. They come in three different rises: low, medium and high, and generally have an elasticated waist and leg openings.

High-rise briefs sit right below the belly button and is a more traditional fit. The advantage of a high-rise brief is that it can streamline the waist, eliminate love handles and smooth the stomach.

Mid-rise briefs sit about two inches below the waist at, about, the belly button. Best worn underneath regular cut jeans and board shorts.

Low-rise briefs rest about three inches below the waist, which is just below the natural waistline of most men. They are great worn under low-rise jeans and many are engineered to *aherm* enhance your package!


Boxer Briefs

Yep, you guessed it, this style is the underwear lovechild of the boxer and the brief. Combining the coverage of boxers with the support of briefs they are often referred to as Hipsters. With tighter, body hugging lines, they can be worn under most clothing and many men prefer this modern versatile style. Usually featuring some form of Lycra or Elastane, they offer tremendous stretch making them perfect to wear when doing any physical activity, as the extra coverage also offers protection against any chaffing.


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