Knicker Nicknames!

Nicknames are usually given to people or objects as terms of endearment. It can be a means of shortening a longer name into something shorter, quicker and easier to say, it can be a play on words or simply a word between friends that connects them in some way. In a recent survey it was found that Australian men have over 80 different words for their underwear, so we thought we'd have a look at some of our favourites!


This is one of the more common nicknames for pants and it's origins lie in the 16th century, where undergarments were made of linen and looked very much the same for men and women. It is thought that the word came about because people would 'draw up' their underwear.


Another common one and arguably a word in it's own right, rather than a nickname, but ask any American about their pants and they will think you are talking about their trousers, so why do us Brits use the word pants for our underwear? It actually derives from a character in Italian comedy called Pantalone, who became known for his love of pantaloons; a baggy pair of trousers. During the 19th century the word was shortened to just pants and in Britain referred to the long style of underwear that came down the leg.



A term more commonly used in America, the term skivvies has it's roots in Military, more specifically Naval, slang. Skivvies consisted of a vest and shorts, so in today's terms would be most similar to boxer shorts.  The men would have the choice of wearing either their skivvies or briefs.

Tighty Whities

This nickname specifically refers to classic white tight fitting briefs and has become synonymous as a sexier version of 'Y Fronts'.


Probably no need for much explanation other than men's underwear is sometimes called briefs, because well, they are just that...brief! In the UK briefs were first sold in 1938 and became so popular that just ten years later, every member of the British Olympic team was given a free pair. Kiniki men's briefs remain a popular choice and now come in a wide variety of styles, contemporary prints and fabrics.


This nickname is widely used in Spanish and Latin communities and literally translates as 'calzones' meaning underwear in Spanish.  Not to be confused with the Italian word 'calzone', which is a covered pizza with a very hot filling and not something you would want to stick your crown jewels into!


And now for the funny ones...


  • Banana hammock
  • Budgie smugglers
  • Man hole covers
  • Keck's
  • Truncheon holder
  • Manties (the male version of panties)
  • Nut huts
  • Scants
  • Trolleys
  • Underoo's
  • Undies
  • Ball bags

 Whatever you call your underwear you can be sure to find something that suits every taste, cut, comfort and budget in the Kiniki men's collection.