Now that's Pant-tastic!

Ever fancied attempting to beat and set a new world record? We've scoured the web and hunted down all the male underwear based records that we wouldn't mind having a go at beating ourselves.

Most pants worn

Gary Craig, who calls himself ‘Pantsman’ earnt his place in the Guinness World Records by pulling on a staggering 302 pairs of underpants. The 53-year-old dad and architect from South Tyneside, had previously managed 211 pairs, but as Gary said himself, "I wanted to be the first person to put on over 300 pairs and I did it. I think I’m also the first person to hold the record twice - probably because no one else is daft enough to do it twice. I wanted to break the record by so much that if anyone else ever does manage to break it, they will definitely deserve it".

Pant jumping

Italian, Silvio Sabba set the world record for number of times he jumped in and out of a pair of pants. Sabba managed to jump into his pair of pants 14 times in just 30 seconds! 

The strict rules specified:

  • The underwear must be short brief style men's pants and not a style that extends down the legs.
  • They can be of any material, but must reflect the actual size of the person attempting the record. A larger size may not be used as this would make it too easy.
  • Swimming trunks are also acceptable for this record.
  • The same pair of pants must be used throughout the entire attempt.
  • Underpants must be held only in the hands of the person attempting to break the record and he/she must jump into them with both feet at the same time.
  • The underpants must be pulled using both hands up to the waist line, before they can be taken off ready for the next jump.
  • Only clear jumps will be counted - these are listed as jumps where the contestant’s feet enter the underpants without stepping on them and the underpants have then been pulled to the waistline.
  • One jump is counted once the underpants are pulled to the waist.
  • The contestant must wear either shorts, a swimsuit or cycling shorts when making the attempt and a top that clearly shows the waistline.
  • When the starting signal is made, the contestant may have the underpants in their hands in preparation to jump.

Brief encounters

The record for the largest gathering of people wearing only underwear was set by 2,270 participants who all took part in the Utah Undie Run, held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Event organisers chose the location as an attempt break away from Utah's reputation for being an "uptight" state.

Most people in one pair

The fair-trade charity, Pants to Poverty, managed to squeeze nearly 60 people into a giant pair of underpants at Canary Wharf in London. The participants were themselves dressed only in their underwear and as well as hoping to break the record, they were also using it as an opportunity to raise awareness about ethical work conditions within the fashion industry.

Un-Bee-Lievable pants

Dressed in just his underpants, 55 year old beekeeper Gao Bingguo, from east China's Shandong province, set the world record for wearing the heaviest coat of bees. Several queen bees were placed on Bingguo's body in order to attract worker bees. The final number of bees on Bingguo's body was estimated at 1.1 million! The record was set in just under an hour and Bingguo received 2,000 stings - ouch!

So, which one do you fancy having a go at? With such a wide range of high quality men's underwear at Kiniki, we think our biggest problem would be choosing which pair to set a record with!