Womens Tan Through Swimwear


Designed to combat the problem of tan lines and white patches, Tan Through swimwear is one of the greatest evolutions in swimwear in recent times. Constructed from our patented Transol® fabric, this unique material allows the suns tanning rays to pass through your bikini or swimsuit to help you achieve an all over sun tan and minimise lines. Tan Thru fabric is also incredibly light-weight, breathable and quick drying. It's featherweight characteristics make it a delight to wear, so delicate it has been liked to a second skin. Tan Through swimwear construction is made up of thousands of tiny apertures predominantly to allows the suns tanning rays through, however these micro holes also have the added benefits of being incredibly breathable - keeping you cool and comfortable at all times. Incredibly, Transol® dries 3x faster than normal swimwear too, meaning no more sun bathing in a soggy swimsuit long after your dip in the pool. For more information on how tan through swimwear works - visit our information page Here