Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up to your Mailing list for exclusive offers and updates?

You can join our mailing list at the bottom of every page. Simply enter your email address you will then receive a verification email - follow the link and you're done! We regularly send out emails with offers, new products or general information about everything Kiniki - so don’t miss out!

Do You Ship Worldwide?

Yes! Kiniki products can be enjoyed all over the world. For more detailed information, please visit our Delivery page here




How does Tan Through work?

Please have a look at our dedicated Tan Through page here 

How long will it take for me to tan?

The time it takes for you to tan through the Transol fabric is difficult to estimate it all depends on your skin type, melanin production in your skin, intensity of the sun and how long you spend in the sun to allow tanning to take place. Try to wear Kiniki products as often as possible and for a continuous period of time.

Can I swim in the sea or pool in my Tan through swimwear?

Yes, absolutely, the fabric is not affected by sea water or the chemicals present in swimming pools, as with all swimwear we recommend it is rinsed through after use. However continuous or repeated exposure to chlorinated water (eg swimming pools) may effect the lining within our tan through garments.

Do I need to take special care when laundering my Tan Through swimwear?

No special care is required, you can wash your tan through garment by hand or machine wash up to 30°C and whilst tumble drying will not harm the fabric, it is advisable to let your swimwear dry naturally.

Can I buy Kiniki Tan Through swimwear in the shops?

Kiniki Tan Through Swimwear is available exclusively online.

Will I tan through the straps of my swimwear?

No, the suns rays cannot penetrate through straps and ties, we recommend you move them from time to time for a more even tan.

Why no plain colours?

Part of what makes tan through swimwear work is in it's complex print designs, the fabric is an advanced micro mesh that when printed in plain colours would become transparent.

Do I need sun protection when wearing Kiniki products?

Please make sure that you wear appropriate sun protection when wearing Kiniki products. It is important to protect your skin with a suitable sun cream offering UVA & UVB protection.

Can I return or exchange Kiniki products?

Please see here for our Return and Exchange policies

Where are Kiniki products made?

We're happy to say that ALL of our products are designed and developed right here in at our Head Office in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, in Staffordshire, England. All of our 4th Generation Tan Through swimwear is manufactured in UK as is the vast majority of our non-tan through swimwear. Our 5th Generation Tan Through & underwear is manufactured by our partners across the world. We're just so busy we can't keep up with demand.

Do you have a size guide?

You will find our size guide on every product page as well as here

Can’t find the information what are you looking for?

Please contact us on or give us a call on (0044) (0)1782 611 599

(Telephone opening times Monday-Friday 9am-4.30pm)