tan through swimwear

Perhaps one of the most significant evolutions in swimwear in recent times, Tan Through swimwear is designed to tackle the problem of tan lines and white patches. Made from our patented Transol® fabric, Tan Through swimwear allows the suns tanning rays to pass through the material of your swimsuit or bikini to help reduce tan lines and achieve an all over sun tan with reduced white areas. The beauty of this unique material is in it's incredibly light-weight construction. It has been liked to wearing a second skin, so light and breathable you barely know you are wearing a swimsuit. Transol® also dries 3x fast than conventional swimwear fabrics meaning no more sitting in soggy swimwear after a dip in the pool and no issue with a last minute swim in the sea before you pack your bags!  For more information on Tan Through swimwear and how it works visit our info page Here