Kiniki was established over 40 years ago, when it launched a vibrant and stylish collection of men's underwear. The market at the time wasn't that great, with men's underwear simply viewed as a practical necessity rather than a stylish fashion statement. Men didn't have a lot of choice about what they wore underneath their clothes, perhaps their only choice really being whether to choose black or white!

Figures show us that the average British woman will spend £20,350 on underwear in her life, while men pay out a mere £1,200. An underwear marketing manager explains, "Men have always considered pants a very functional product and will often stick to one type", so when Kiniki arrived on the scene with their bright, quirky underwear in all shapes, patterns and colours it was at first considered relatively controversial.


What do men look for in a good pair of pants?'s underwear today is very different to those monochrome, featureless days of old and now men have a wider range than ever to choose from. Ultimately, men want a comfortable, well fitting undergarment and choosing the right style is a completely personal decision. Loose styles, such as boxer shorts, offer comfort for the man who prefers freedom of movement in his pants and are great for lounging about in. Whereas form-fitting designs, such as briefs, provide support for the man who prefers his crown jewels to be protected and safely tucked away. Underwear is essential for hygiene, and some styles offer additional support for controlling the body's shape. With so much choice available, some men may feel somewhat daunted and almost embarrassed to go out on a shopping trip for men's underwear, which is why shopping online at Kiniki is such a fantastic and private way to buy new pants. The clothes we wear beneath our outer clothes are just as, if not more than, important because not only do they define the contours of the body, but a good, well fitting and comfortable pair of pants can increase confidence and make a person feel incredibly good about themselves.

Wearing the right size underwear is incredibly important and although some men believe that wearing underwear in a size too small will emphasize their parts, the only thing it is really doing is restricting blood flow, which could result in hygiene issues or other more serious health problems. However, wearing underwear that is too big is also not great, as it is unlikely to offer the right level of support and from a style point of view, excess fabric may bunch up and cause folds which will be visible on the outside, creating the dreaded VPL!

Working out what size underwear you should be wearing is really straightforward for men, as it is based purely on the measurement of the circumference of the waist. Take a look at our sizing guide, displayed below, to work out what size pants you should be wearing:


Size                         Waist measurement
S                             28 - 31  (71 - 79cm)
M                            32 - 34 (81 - 86cm)
      L                             35 - 37 (89 - 94cm)       
XL                           38 - 41 (96 - 104cm)
 XXL                          42 - 46 (106 - 117cm)



What style is good for me? average, men need roughly 10 pairs of underwear in their drawers, which breaks downs as one pair for each day of the week and 3 'back up' pairs for when some are in the wash etc. I don't know who came up with this, but we say why stop at 10? With the choice available to men today, our underwear drawers should be looking as colourful, vibrant and varied as any woman's! One style of underwear may be more appropriate worn underneath a suit for work, another will be more relaxing for weekend wear, another is going to offer more support in the gym and that's before we even mention the sexier cut of the g-string, for the bedroom. Kiniki's range of men's underwear styles include: boxers, briefs, hipsters, thongs, tangas, g-strings and micro briefs, contact us if you require any further assistance or take a look at our FAQ's.



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