A man's choice in underwear can say a lot about his fashion choices and how much care he places on his appearance, but did you also know it can reveal an awful lot about his personality too? We class ourselves as underwear experts at Kiniki and have got to know our customers incredibly well. Obviously this is all a bit tongue in cheek, but just for the fun of it take a look at our guide below to see if any of the descriptions ring true with you!



The man who favours the boxer brief is apparently very good at committing in a relationship. Perhaps, it's because he realises he has the best of both worlds - the tightness and support of a brief combined with the breathing room and coverage of a boxer. Boxer briefs are frequently worn by gym goers so he is likely to be fit, or at least aspire to be fit! They suit most bodyshapes, making them incredibly versatile and are usually worn by men that know they look good in them.



If you're partial to skimpy underwear it's likely you are an extrovert; incredibly outgoing and a massive extrovert. The thong wearer is a  'what you see is what you get' kind of man, because let's face it you are pretty much seeing everything! He may come across as slightly arrogant and the easy access this type of underwear allows could result in him revealing a little too much on a drunken night out.




A classic gentleman who knows what he likes and likes what he knows. He's likely to have always worn pants in this style and old habits die hard. Product trend analyst Lauren Deatherage says, "A man who chooses this boyish cut is practical but may not be ready to grow up".



This is a relatively new style and has been made famous by David Beckham. Trunks man is athletic, modern and super hot!  The shorter cut of trunks means that plenty of thigh is shown off and believe you me trunks man is very keen to show off all his hard work at the gym.




A traditionalist at heart, boxers man likes to hang loose and is generally easy going, laid back, lighthearted and not at all flashy. He's not influenced by fashion, but rather by comfort and practicality and is your typical manly man. Boxer man is low maintenance and enjoys his nights in front of the sofa with a takeaway and a good box(er)set.



An increasingly popular style, the hipster is modern, sexy and supportive. Hipster man is metrosexual, confident and at complete ease with himself. Contoured hipsters offer a wrinkle free silhouette, which is prefect for this fashionista.



What about the colour and pattern of male underwear, what does that say about the wearer? Bright, vibrant colours and digitally enhanced prints are becoming more and more popular and basically the brighter the colour and the more way out there the print, the louder, more confident and more assertive the man. It is, without doubt, the biggest style statement a man can make about his underwear and a man who wears brightly coloured pants not only isn't afraid of what others think of him, but he also wants to show those beauties off!




The man that sticks to the traditional underwear colours of black and white treats life in much the same way. You know where you stand with this man, but sometimes he may need livening up a bit! Buy him some printed Kiniki G-strings and watch his inner sex god emerge.

Let us know what pants superhero you are!